Ya Allah, janganlah Engkau jadikan kami sebagai orang yang menipu diri sendiri, jangan jadikan kami sebagai orang-orang yang rakus dengan dunia, jangan kau jadikan segala kenikmatan menjadi pemberat langkah kami untuk menuju jalanMu. Jadikan kami sebagai orang-orang yang kau selamatkan dari tipu daya dunia. Jauhkanlah kami dari kemalasan, kebakhilan, kesombongan, ujub, riya’, sum’ah, ketakutan, kongkongan hutang dan finah manusia. Jadikan kami kuat di hadapan manusia, walau kami tahu lemahnya kami di hadapanMu

Sunday, August 14, 2011

nisfu ramadhan=15 ramadhan

Salam 15 Ramadhan..

Alhamdulillah,sampai juga hingga ke 15 hari kita menjalani ibadat puasa pada kali ini..

countdown to 15 hari lagi to leave Ramadhan....sangat2 sedih,,don't know why..huh

as a student,practical teacher,friend,daughter,khalifah ALLAH, that's all need sacrifice..

seperti kali ini,ramadhan berlalu seperti angin bertiup dengan lajunya..dengan tugasan yang berlambak..setiap malam siapkan RPH dan BBM...sampai kdg2 termiss solat terawih dn juga iftar jamaie kt surau..

adakah ramadhan kali ini..ramdhan yg paling teruk bg diri ini..
ya allah..
hindarkanlah perasaan itu..

Ramdhan belum lagi nak say bye2 to us....

ada lagi 15 hari untuk kita kejar dan capai..

ya allah
ampunilah dosa2 ku
ampunilah dosa keluargaku
ampunilah dosa2 shbt2 ku
ampunilah dosa guru2ku
dan seluruh umat islam di dunia ini ya ALLAH..

ya allah...sesungguhnya ak insan yg kerdil dalam menjalani liku2 kehidupan ini...

jadikanlah malam2 seterusnya dalam bulan ramadhan dapat ku habiskan dengan beribadat kepadamu..

ya allah..

ya allah..ak rindu kepadaMU

salam ukhwah fillah,

Monday, August 8, 2011


SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 1 - Reflect on the main reason you become a teacher in the first place. Was it your childhood dream or mainly because you did not have much choices then? Why on earth are you still a teacher now? Find the answers in your heart. What you are today is a result of how you first took off in this noble profession...

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 2 - Assign a special task to your students today : ` Write ONE word that best describes my teacher, Puan/Mrs/Dr/Prof/Mdm ....(fill in the blank with your own name)' Provide each student with a post-it note. Input should be anonymous. Pass around a small box to collect the notes. Paste them on a wall surface (in your bedroom) - the words describe what the students see in you!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 3 - Prioritize the weakest student in your class, instead of the cleverest. Those who are gifted with superb IQ could sail thru' without much of your help. It's the weakest who needs you the most. Don't ignore him/her. Look at her/him with a different perspective today - full with hopes & dreams!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 4 - Be a great teacher who inspires. From William Hart - a mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates & a great teacher inspires! Convince your students that you're a different breed of teacher - the one who really cares & prays for them, every time, every day!

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 5 - Honour the students' trust in you. Keep their secrets. Do not spread out the private info they confided in you to other teachers in the school, unless it's related to safety and legal matters. Even then, just tell the principle/headmaster. Confidentiality is a part of teaching ethics.

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS : Tip no. 6 - Teach with all your heart, imagine the students are your own flesh and blood. Thank Allah (again & again) for the honour of being a teacher. Focus your energy before stepping into class. Remind yourself of the responsibilities put on your shoulders. Finish this statement : ` At the end of this session, my students should be able to.....'

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.7 - Look back into history - all great individuals were teachers. Rasulullah SAW was a great mu'allim/murrabi. Imam Al-Ghazali, Ibnu Sina, Gandhi, Hippocrates, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mother Teresa, the list is non-exhaustive. These great people shared a common teaching style - they touched the hearts of each student they encountered (student-centred teaching). How about you?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.8 - Read, read and read more! Teachers are readers and readers are leaders. Lead your students to explore the marvellous world of knowledge & virtue. Look up for new books & re-read the old ones. Reading builds up creativity of teachers. So, what book are you reading now?

URVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.9 - Shine as your students' best role model, esp. for those who do not have one at home. Practise what you preach, and walk the talk. For students who only have bad role modelling all these while, YOU are their shining beacon, salvation and last hope. Don't let them down, please...

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR TEACHERS - Tip no.10 - Serve as your students' life mentor. Do you still receive SMS, emails, wedding cards, festive greetings and well wishes years after your students have left school/college? Did the old students look for you whenever they came visiting? If so, rejoice...for you're indeed your students' life mentor! If not and you do not really mind, you might have never meant to be one.

Dr. Har

salam ukhwah fillah,