Ya Allah, janganlah Engkau jadikan kami sebagai orang yang menipu diri sendiri, jangan jadikan kami sebagai orang-orang yang rakus dengan dunia, jangan kau jadikan segala kenikmatan menjadi pemberat langkah kami untuk menuju jalanMu. Jadikan kami sebagai orang-orang yang kau selamatkan dari tipu daya dunia. Jauhkanlah kami dari kemalasan, kebakhilan, kesombongan, ujub, riya’, sum’ah, ketakutan, kongkongan hutang dan finah manusia. Jadikan kami kuat di hadapan manusia, walau kami tahu lemahnya kami di hadapanMu

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blog Safe

The following are useful tips to be safe when you are on the Internet:

Avoid posting entries that could enable a stranger to know where you are or where you live.
Do not post your personal information, your house address or places where you normally visit.
If the blog service has a “friends” list that allows you to control who can visit your profile or blog, allow only people you know and trust. If you don't use the privacy feature, anyone can see your information, including people with some bad intentions.
Don't get together with someone you “meet” in a blog unless you are very certain of who they are. Although it may not be totally safe when you meet, bring your friends along.
Avoid posting photos that allow people to identify you.
Do not respond to mean, offensive or embarrassing comments. Delete them and, if possible, block offensive people from commenting further.
Membership rules are there to protect people. If you are too young to sign up, do not attempt to lie about your age. Talk with your parents about site that may allow juniors.


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